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Blockchain Investor & Startup Builder
Open source financial infrastructure will make the world more
consensual, equitable, just, inclusive, transparent and innovative.

Advisory Board Member

Let’s do business and change the world.

Patrick GERMANÒ is a entrepreneur, investor, business coach and mentor.
He has developed several businesses in the field of Information & Communication Technology,
FinTech, Blockchain & Cryptoassets. Funds & Alternative Investment.

Cryptocurrency – We enable people to easily take advantage of all the benefits that cryptocurrencies
offer while mitigating the associated risks, and help them diversify their sources of income by investing into professionally crafted portfolio leveraging cryptoassets.

Digital platform – Patrick GERMANÒ has partnered with key professional partners with the expertise
to provide services to clients.

Patrick GERMANÒ speaks in multiple countries while educating and defending the notion of cryptocurrencies, Blockchain technology and the opportunities it offers to disrupt traditional brick and mortar businesses.

Business only – Let me help you transform your business into a successful enterprise.
Over time, I have reaffirmed my belief and values as an entrepreneur, a forward thinker and I regard myself as a strategic individual who is not afraid to take high and moderately calculated risks that will yield great results.

Expert leadership is all it takes – We have helped our clients to optimize their business processes by implementing new solutions and have a competitive advantage in their respective markets.
Take actions and then get to work – Most people today are afraid to recognize that they have a burning desire to accomplish something greater than what they currently do. Daily, they feel the void, a burning desire to do something different but are afraid of taking responsibility for the actual reality there is in owning their dreams.

Believe and Build !